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God is a musical God, and He enjoys listening to quality singing and instrumental music. After thoroughly studying what the Bible has to say about music, we encourage you to set a new standard for the music you sing and listen to. Sing and listen to "Decidedly Godly Christian Music." God commands us over and over to sing a "new song" to Him. A new song is a song that was composed for Him and for His enjoyment. Conservative Christian MusicA new song is not one in which the music style was borrowed from a style that has been known to be used in worshiping Satan or the pleasures of sin, such as Rock, Rap, New Age Music, Eastern Religion Music, or a music style used by any false cult or religion. The term "Conservative Christian Music" is not a good term because it implies holding on to the Christian music of the past and doesn't recognize the need to continue to compose even better "new songs" for God's enjoyment. The term "Traditional Christian Music" also doesn't describe adequately the music God enjoys, because it rules out the possibility of developing a totally new music style that God would like. The term "Good Music" is too ambiguous, is subject to individual opinion, and doesn't acknowledge God.

There is also a spiritual element to music that must be considered because music is a language of the spirit world. The same Christian song can be sung or played by two different people, one might only speak to our head, the other speaks to our spirit. When a musician sings or plays for their own glory and praise, they produce a sound that may be perfect, beautiful, and of high quality. However, it does not speak to our spirit and most likely not to God's Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is invited by the musician to draw others in worship to Jesus rather than to themselves, there is a totally different element in the music that speaks to our whole person.

We have chosen the term: "Decidedly Godly Christian Music." Music that is without a doubt decidedly Godly Christian music. It includes Conservative Christian Music, and Traditional Christian music, but it also leaves lots of room for a "new song" that is also without a doubt decidedly Godly Christian music.

In looking at the music of the Christian Church over the last 2000 years, it is interesting to see how the Church has been improving, over the years, the quality and beauty of the music that we sing and play for Jesus. We have not yet "arrived" in the beauty of music that can be developed. Heaven is going to have singing and music that is many times better than anything that we have ever heard or sung. Ask God to show you how to compose an even more beautiful new song for Him to enjoy. To find out some of the things that the Lord showed us in studying music in the Bible, check out our music research.